Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The beginning

              I guess that's exactly where every blog starts right? The beginning, there has to be a beginning to everything right? So lets start. Hi, I'm Amber, computer addict, gamer, aspiring photographer,  starting blogger and last but not least, stay at home mom. I'm married to Pat. Pretty awesome guy, also a gamer, as for blogging, lets just say his ideof computer time is video game time. Hey, he doesn't even sign onto facebook more than a couple times a year! Surprise! Pat and I have two kids, who can sometimes be deemed as "the spawns." They are angelic.. Most of the time. Other times, well lets just say, things get a little crazy around here.

                Damien, the older of the two, is 4. He is entering into pre-k this year and he is following in his gamer parents foot steps. Now don't get me wrong, Damien loves his toys. Ninja turtles, star wars, he is an obvious nerd in training. I wouldn't have it any other way!
                Then there's Noah. Noah is our 3 year old princess who is going to her first year of preschool. She is the all around drama queen/princess of the bunch. She loves makeup, dresses and most of all Noah has an undying passion for LaLaLoopsy. If there is every a toy to get her and make her squeal for joy, LaLaLoopsy is it.

                 Our family dynamic is random, we live in Philadelphia, in the same home my husband was raised. It's our small family, his brother Mike and his sister Ruth. A crazy dynamic full of random days of fun. The conversations here are endless. The days are moving. Things get a little crazy, but what house full of people doesn't? 
                  Now onto a blogging point! I'd like to know what you, my hopefully loyal readers would like to see? What kind of posts? Giveaways? We all loves those! Give me your ideas! And to end this, some crazy life in our household! 


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