Sunday, June 14, 2015

Danish Dough Whisk

I love kitchen gadgets. Like, really love them. I have a teeny kitchen, yet that doesn't stop me from overfilling it with all things kitchen related... I also love food, and cooking.. Who doesn't? So when I was asked to review a Danish Dough Whisk I got really excited trying to figure out what we could make... Cookies... Who doesn't love cookies?! So we got to work, we made a batch of chocolate chip cookies using nothing but our Danish Dough Whisk and I was so happy we did. We love this thing!! There are so many different items you can use it for, and it is so easy to use. Really all you have to do is use it as you would use a regular whisk. The major difference is the design. you are not constantly pulling dough out of your wires.That one difference really is what makes this perfect. It's not agitating to try and make something super thick because it barely sticks! Take a look for yourself.

Want one of your own?! Go check it out on Amazon! Danish Dough Whisk

*We received this item in exchange for our review, however our opinion is our own*

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