Thursday, June 18, 2015

Geared Beard oil

My husband has been a beard fanatic for years now, and has gone through multiple different beard oils trying to find one that fits his needs. He wants his beard soft, not itchy, healthy looking and good smelling. Doesn’t seem like much to ask but for some reason every oil he has tried presented one of the following but not all. We received this beard oil 3 days ago, and he is already so excited. He uses it twice a day. His beard is left smelling great, feeling great, looking great, and best of all, his face doesn’t itch! In fact, he loves the smell of this oil so much that the first time he used it he asked “Can I bathe in this, because it smells amazing.” This oil is really impressive, we love it a ton, everyone should try it!Want your own? Check it out on amazon Geared Beard oil

 *I received this item in exchange for my review, however my opinion is my own*

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