Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pure Care Home-Microfiber duster

Generally I keep an extremely clean house. I have a daughter who has asthma so just the slightest amount of dust can really cause her breathing to go into crazy mode. When I was asked to review this item I got excited to put it to my daily cleaning challenge and I wasn't disappointed. I'm extremely short so the fact that this has an extendable adjustable handle was a big bonus. I decided to use this on an old chandelier that I always struggle to get the chains clean on, and I was not disappointed. In fact, i was slightly disgusted by just how much dirt was up there. But the chains look amazing and clean!! I'm really excited about this product. Best of all, once I was done using it, i took it outside and shook it off, and it looks brand new again! If you are looking for a duster this one is for you!! Want your own? Go check it out on Amazon! Microfiber Duster

**This photo is not my own, and is property of Pure Care Home**
 *I received this item in exchange for my review however my opinion is my own**

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