Wednesday, July 8, 2015

100% Certified Organic Aloe! Every gingers dream!

We are a family of gingers. That’s right, I said it, gingers. And what happens when we go into the sun? We burn. No amount of sunblock can save us. After a wicked weekend of hanging out in pools for the holidays we were all feeling crispy and pained. I’ve always used the aloe that you purchase directly from the drug store to soothe our skin, however I’ve found that it leaves us tacky and barely soothed for more than 5 minutes. Today I received this 100% Organic Aloe Vera and I needed to try it ASAP. I applied it to myself first an immediately noticed that my skin felt so much more comfortable. The second thing I noticed is that this product doesn’t leave me overly sticky compared to so many of the other products on the market. The scent isn’t overwhelming either which is a great thing for my daughter whose asthma tends to over react to overpowering smells. The company also sent me a book about the aloe which included the 20 miracle uses for Aloe vera. There are so many uses and recipes that I didn’t know exist, I can’t wait to start using them all! Overall, I am thoroughly impressed about this product and cannot wait to use it for more things! Amazing Aloe!

*I received this item in exchange for my review, however my opinion is my own*

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