Wednesday, July 8, 2015

BakeitFun Oven gloves!!!

I recently had the opportunity to check out these super awesome oven gloves! I desperately needed oven mitts. Honestly, I have been using an apron lately because somehow I always manage to destroy oven mitts. When these came I was really excited to try them, so I decided to make a batch of cookies. When I was ready to pull them out I slid these on and went to work. I was shocked at how much heat they absorbed. Generally with a standard oven mitt you can usually only hold an item for a few seconds before feeling the heat through them. These I held the item for awhile and didn't feel the heat at all. And the extra tools that came with this set are super durable. I've already used them a ton, and everything still looks brand new!! I'm very impressed by this set and will be purchasing a set for my mother. Would you like your own oven gloves? As always, Amazon is the place to go!! Oven Gloves
*I received this product in exchange for my review however my opinion is my own*

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