Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Silicone ring for the man who does everything!!

When my husband and I got married he was working a pretty low impact job so we didn’t take into account his wedding ring ever having issues. Well since then, he’s picked pa high impact job and the mother of pearl inlay has become destroyed. When I saw this item I had to pick it up, simply because my husband always complains he feels naked without a wedding ring, yet he cannot wear his original any longer. We received this on Friday and we were both totally impressed. It fits his finger so comfortably but the ultimate test was how would it fit when he was working? Well, he worked a 13 hour shift last night and told me he completely forgot he was even wearing it because of how comfortable it is. That is a major plus! Also, it didn’t constantly hit against anything at work which was another positive note for him. Overall he really loves this ring and is excited that he can finally wear something again! Want to get your own Silicone wedding ring? Check this one out!Silicone wedding band

  *I received this item in exchange for my review however my opinion is my own*

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  1. Silicone wedding rings for only $9.99 are no simple rubber wedding band. Saferingz is the home of the Original SAFE Rubber Wedding Ring and was Established in 2010. Our silicone wedding bands are the ONLY ones with a unique metallic pigment that look & act like a real shiny wedding band, yet are SAFE & comfortable to wear!


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