Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The ultimate Para-cord survival kit

My husband got this awesome paracord survival set and really loves it. This set is so awesome. My husband has longed for a paracord bracelet for when he goes hiking so when I saw this I hopped on the opportunity to check it out. When the package arrived I realized it was a set (how did I not even notice that in the description). And it’s an awesome set at that. It comes with a paracord “grenade” as well. Combined these items contain most of what you would need to at least aid a bit in surviving if you ever happened to get stuck in the wilderness. My husband has been making sure to have this equipped every time he goes on a hike or even the simple fishing trip. We have yet to need to unravel either item (thank goodness) so I cannot comment on the quality, but judging by the fact that this set is such high quality I don’t feel it will be anything cheap. If you are looking for a set for an avid outdoors person, this is the set for you! Paracord kit

*I received this item in exchange for my review, however my opinion is my own*

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