Thursday, July 2, 2015

We love our Beard Oil!

We recently got to try Cornucopia beard oil, and its wonderful. My husband is a big beard man. He has loved having a beard for years. However his major issue with having a beard is he can never find a product that gives him everything he wants. We received this beard oil and my husband tried it on the first day. He has now been using it 2 times a day since we received it and he loves it. This oil leaves his beard nice and shiny and soft without giving off and oily look. Not only that but it smells amazing. It also makes his face nice and soft without it itching. This was a major bonus for him because his beard is constantly itching. Out of all the beard oils he’s tried thus far this is his favorite and will now be part of his daily routine. Want your own? Check it out on Amazon! Beard Oil

*I received this item in exchange for my review however my opinion is my own*

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  1. It is always important to keep your beard clean and groomed.
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