Thursday, September 10, 2015

Baby Doll Bliss

Iknowu sent us a beautiful reborn doll to try out and let me tell you, Noah is in heaven!

 As a little girl I always wanted a reborn doll, but we just didn’t have the means for one. Now, with my only little girl I could not help but to jump on the opportunity to get this doll. We received this doll on Saturday and let me tell you, she is beautiful. So much detail was put into making her just right. Her hair and eyelashes both look to be delicately hand placed and are in wonderful condition. Her body has been stuffed at precisely the right points to ensure that she can sit up or lay down with no issue. The mouth of this doll is magnetic so her pacifier easily attaches. The pacifier itself is magnetic and sits so adorably against her little mouth. Even the paint job of this doll is well thought out. Her little hands and toes have been painted to match those of a real baby.

Amelia (that is the name my daughter gave her) came wrapped to ensure that she did not get damaged in the shipping process. This doll came with her adorable outfit and headband (Both of which are changeable- She wears a newborn or 0-3 month in clothing). She also came with her blanket, pacifier, bottle, and even her very own dolly! Holding this doll against our “big brand” reborn, you cannot even tell she was half the price! Overall this doll is perfect for any little girl (provided she plays nicely) or even the most seasoned collector. This doll is little girl bliss! Want your own? Head on over to Amazon and check her out! NPK Reborn Doll.

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