Sunday, June 14, 2015

Valentina Paris glasses are AMAZING

I was recently asked to review Valentina Paris glasses and let me tell you, they are absolute amazing. I've never been so amazed at the quality of wine glasses, and hello, I'm a mom, so we know that my love for wine is high up on the scale.
When I received these glasses I was amazed at the size of the box. I hadn't even read the description so truth be told I didn't know how big they would be. And HOLY COW, huge doesn't describe it. When I pulled them out I immediately said to my husband "we're going to need more wine" and I wasn't kidding. The glasses are taller than my standard bottle of wine!! And the hand painted detail is amazing. It looks as if someone spent a lot of time putting thought into the paint on these glasses. I am not disappointed! Take a look for yourself.

Want your own set of Valentina Glasses? Head on over to Amazon! Valentina Paris wine glasses.

*I received these glasses free in exchange for my review, however, my opinions are my own*

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